Just Walk Away

February 1, 2014 By

Paris cobblestone street
“Just Walk Away”
Ron Dawson walking down Cobblestone Street in Paris, France

Is there anything more delightful than cobblestone streets? They are amazing to photograph and look at. They add character and charm to any city or town. Their unique look offers a vintage feel to even modern areas.

But oh my word, have you tried walking on them for any length of time? Make sure you have good shoes with a lot of support because they wreck havoc on the body. It’s hard to make a sure step and your body is constantly compensating for the change in size and shape of the stones.

Did you know that the offset way they are fashioned actually creates a louder sound when driving down the street, whether in horse and carriage or by car?

Want to know why?

So pedestrians can hear you coming! Now isn’t that a brilliant idea. Certainly might’ve helped me when I got hit by a car while crossing a crosswalk.

FUN FACT: Technically, this is a granite sett road, characterized by the rectangular shape. But it’s more fun to write and say cobblestone. The way to tell the difference is that cobbles are small or large pebbles rounded by water so they are distinct from the rectangular quarried stones pictured here.