Invisible Illness Stories: Maleah, Lyme, and Handi-Parking

November 14, 2016 By

Invisible Illness is a film about stories. Stories of people like you and me, navigating life with the ups and downs of illness or injury, invisible ones. Ones that hide from view, from me and you, sometimes from experts and doctors, for months, years, and even decades.itsbad

I’ve had the incredible opportunity and honor to connect with and interview a wide range of people living with invisible illness, their family members and loved ones, as well as healers and medical professionals.

One of the people I knew needed to be included was Maleah Krishnaswami, an intuitive consultant who lives in Seattle, Washington. Maleah has lived with Lyme disease, perhaps for her entire life. Those of you with Lyme or waiting for a diagnosis of Lyme know what I’m talking about here. Diagnosis is an ongoing struggle, often as time-consuming and exhausting as the illness itself.


In addition to dealing with Lyme, Maleah was in a motorcycle accident that left her bedridden for two years. Her story will inspire, uplift and maybe even help you look at life or the life of a loved one with more compassion and a new perspective.



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