kickstarter project - invisible illness film

Invisible Illness Documentary Film Project Officially Approved by Kickstarter

March 3, 2017 By

kickstarter project - invisible illness film

We’re getting down to crunch time for this documentary film project we’ve been working on for two years now! Already so many interviews in the can, video vignettes released and shared, lives already being connected, inspired and given hope. It’s a dream come true, literally.

Dream Come True

When I was lying in bed immobilized by pain, trying to make sense of my new life, grieving the loss of my identity and dreams, this is the film I wanted.

This is the project I needed… voices of people like me who had made it through and were not just surviving, but thriving. I couldn’t find what I needed to offer comfort in my despair or give me tools and strategies for navigating the severely crippled medical and insurance systems in the United States.

This film covers all of that. Support, encouragement, education, advocacy. Or at least it will when we get it completed!

Mark Your Calendar – Tuesday, March 7

The Kickstarter project launches Tuesday, March 7! We are assembling some amazing rewards at each level of contribution – original music, postcard from the Director, coffee table book, full version of the film, and so much more.

We are reaching out to everyone we know and even people and organizations we don’t know to help spread the word to make this campaign and film a success.

We’d love your help! Join us in sharing this message on Tuesday to get the word to as many people as we can! If you’re part of Facebook groups, have a newsletter list, a yoga studio, a place of worship, a company, a school, a community of any kind, would you be willing to reach out to them on Tuesday (or all throughout the 30-day project if you can!) to share this life-affirming film project.

Need tools for sharing? We’re creating more now, but feel free to use any of the invisible illness film images on Facebook, Instagram or here at You can post any or all of the images on Pinterest and in Pinterest group boards as well!

You can also post and share any of our Invisible Illness Film vignettes via Facebook or YouTube.

Our Message is Our Mission

Whether you have an illness yourself, or have friends or loved ones who do, everything changes when invisible illness becomes part of your life.

We want to let everyone affected by invisible illness know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Not only that, we want to inspire you to be a strong advocate for yourself or your loved ones when working within the medical system AND insurance companies.

You have the right to TRUST YOUR BODY and SPEAK UP for yourself.

This film will show you how to survive and thrive with invisible illness.

Get involved!

  • SHARE this page and any of the images on social media sites or by email.
  • JOIN our email list to get updates and exclusive behind the scenes access.
  • TELL your story or the story of a loved one dealing with invisible illness.
  • REFER us to health professionals or sponsors who may want to get involved.


Share Your Story

If you’d like to participate in the documentary, you can use the link below to sign up, and you’ll be directed to fill out a brief form so we can reach out to you. Whether it’s you or someone you know dealing with invisible illness, or if you are or know a medical or healing professional helping make sense of invisible illness for their patients and clients, we’d love to hear from you.


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