The Ultimate Inspiration to Become a Global Nomad

January 8, 2017 By

Ultimate Inspiration to Travel the World, Stay Inspired and Find Healing

We’d just finished dinner and were watching one of the new videos I’d added to my Dream Life youtube playlist. I started creating the playlist of inspiring videos about global nomads, location independent creatives, minimalists, and tiny house builders shortly after we returned from our month-long adventure in Europe last spring.

At first, we thought about moving to Norway so I could get my MFA. My son loved the idea. My husband was willing to go along with it, but was not quite as sold on the idea. After some setbacks in that plan, we started talks about going global and becoming location-independent, but nothing had been firmly set in stone.

It was a really exciting thought to think that there’s this whole world out there, that exists, that’s greater than this tiny little one I’ve created for myself. – Elia Locardi

Once I found the video below I knew I’d struck gold. Something about the way the images and video were strung together, the compelling story, and the content made it more powerful than the others we’d seen. It features international landscape photographer Elia Locardi and his wife Naomi. They share their authentic and vulnerable experience with what brought about their location independence. They share how bankruptcy led to making hard decisions about where their life and career were going. And how that one event ironically led to the greatest adventure of their lives.

Why aren’t we doing this?!

Those were the first words from my son as the credits on the short video began to roll. Yes! I turned to see my husband’s reaction and saw him hiding a grin. He said it was like something clicked, he finally got it – that it was possible and we could do it.

Let’s do this.

In July of this year, my family and I will embark upon a similar journey as the Locardi’s. Be on the lookout for a series of videos about our own journey to “Going Global.” In the meantime, I hope the Locardi’s story will be as inspiring to you as it was to us.

What dreams are waiting in the wings for you to give them flight?

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