Infuse Your Life with Imagination

April 22, 2015 By

Infuse your life with… imagination.

Think about how much time you spent using your imagination when you were younger. I imagined what life would be like when I got to leave home and be on my own. I imagined meeting Ricky Schroeder and having him fall in love with me at first sight. I imagined becoming a published writer with stacks of books with my name on them.

Then something happens. We grow up. We start imagining things like taking a shower without being interrupted, going to bed early, reading a whole book. Our sights are much lower when it comes to what we imagine. Even worse if when we use our imagination to envision the very worst that could happen to our loved ones, our children, our pets, our home, our finances.

I think it’s time to take back our imaginations and infuse our life with positive imaginings that can fill us up and inspire us to reinvent our lives.

What’s your most frequent use of your imagination?

Fashion Sketch Girl in Field

I’m starting to think that these #sketchgirls I’m creating in my art studio are part of infusing my life with imagination. Creating new fashion sketches takes me from the realm of real, solid and practical and into the whimsical, ethereal and dreamy side of life and imagery. It all fits together.


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  1. Granny
    July 28, 2015

    Love the look of the sketch girls, they really do inspire thoughts of freedom. Fantastic!

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