In Stillness

April 18, 2018 By

In Stillness

Is it possible for muddy water to find clarity? Is it muddy simply because the ground beneath has been stirred up? Or perhaps it’s muddy and unclear because there is so much that doesn’t belong in it that needs to be removed?

Finding the answer to the question isn’t really the point. For me the point is that there is a way to clarity, and it is through stillness.

This is truly nothing new. Teachers, gurus, spiritual leaders, monks, and scientists all agree that stillness of body and mind is a way to find peace and clarity.

Why then do we find it so difficult to sit still for just a moment and not ruminate on some issue in our heads? Why does time slow to molasses when you finally commit to meditate? What is it about our busy minds that keeps us from entering into the place of clarity we all seek?

I imagine the answer is slightly different for each of us, with its roots in the same origin.

Breath. Silence. Stillness. They all go hand in hand, and yet our culture and society is doing everything to take our breath away in fear, to never give us a moment’s peace, and to have us constantly on the go.

We must fight back in the only way we can truly make a difference. Our own daily choices. Our daily routine. Our small commitments. Our habits. Our life.

Sit and breathe in silence for 30 seconds.

Close your eyes and pay attention to any messages your body is sending you.

Lie still and become aware of the voices in your head. Just listen and let them be as you continue to breathe.

30 seconds. That’s where you start. That’s where we all start. To find hope, peace, clarity and ourselves once again.

This image was captured in Old Town Barcelona, surrounded by buildings that have been standing many times longer than I have been alive. When all the tourists and visitors left, the streets were silent and still. It was a surreal moment to be surrounded by these vast bastions of history and see just how small I really am compared to what has existed for so long.