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I’m a planner. It’s just who I am. I’ve created written and visual plans for nearly everything in my life in one degree or another since I was old enough to understand how to create them. I still have my “Life Plan” that I wrote down on a yellow notepad when I was 17 years old. It included my entire life timeline laid out in detail. Ironically, much of it has come to pass, just not exactly in the timeframes I predicted.

I love plans. I live in them. I find them empowering. I find them calming… once they are created.

Dare Dreamers imagine their ideal future and then move daily toward their distant vision, goal or purpose.

Every year of our marriage, we’ve done our best to have a planning retreat. We try to select a location that is away from home, but not too far. That way we maximize time, minimize travel cost, and keep the barrier to entry low enough to make it an annual event. Sometimes it’s a one-day intensive, other times it’s a week with coffee shop meetings and late night movies.

This year, we were able to stay in Discovery Bay, Washington and enjoy the amazing view right outside every window on our 3 story vacation rental for five days. Traveling in the off-season, looking for deals, saving up travel points all pays off and will be a strategy we streamline and implement regularly in our new life as global nomads.

It was magical and inspirational as we planned our upcoming year, including our nomadic adventures. In fact, it was the perfect place to envision our ideal future and then set down the quarterly focus areas and monthly milestones to make it happen. 

Did we get all the planning done? Of course not. But, it has a great start and we know where we’re going. As they say, we’re building the airplane while it’s already in flight, so any progress is good progress.

What’s your planning tradition? What would you like it to be?

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