how to downsize your closet in one hour

How To Downsize Your Closet in One Hour

February 5, 2017 By

how to downsize your closet in one hour

After spending the month of January talking about going global and the need to downsize, I was embarrassed to realize that we had not made any progress in that department. Not only had we failed to downsize our belongings, we had actually increased what we own through our daughter doing her own downsizing and bringing a few sentimental items to us! Instead of less, we ended up with more. Not a good way to start the going global process with 7 rooms in 7 months we needed to process. Now it’s February and we are at 6 months and 7 rooms, plus a 2 car garage.

I made an executive decision that this weekend we were going to make it happen. One of the essentials was making a dent in the mountains of clothing my husband has acquired over the years (nothing compared to the Everest of my clothing, but you don’t start with Everest. You build up to being able to scale the bigger mountains – you know, the ones you need extra oxygen for?!?).

The goal was to eliminate at least half of his current wardrobe. It wouldn’t be pared down enough for a global nomadic lifestyle, but at least it would get us moving in the right direction.

We started by having him find all his clothing around the house in various places and getting them in one location. It’s a KonMari strategy that helps you see what you really own and consequently be overwhelmed at the sheer amount of stuff you have accumulated. This is supposed to motivate you to eliminate and it truly works most of the time.

Once everything was assembled in the living room, we created piles of similar items. From there, we chose to go with the “choose what you like” strategy. Rather than figure out what to get rid of, he chose the clothes he knows he wears and wants to keep.

The entire process only took about an hour once we had everything in one spot. We took one pile at a time and a short break in between piles. Once we started, we seemed to pick up speed and move through them quickly. Only a couple items were saved for sentimental reasons (the shirt he wore when we first met!), but the others were kept for functionality, style and preference. Socks with holes were given the boot, even if he claims they match one of his pairs of pants perfectly.

In the end, there is still too much, but at least half is in a pile ready to be sold, given away or donated. Truth be told, he won’t even be able to tell much difference because there are still plenty of choices. In fact, the difference that might be noticed is how much neater the closet looks or how much easier it is to find what he’s looking for. Another positive side effect is less laundry piling up. If you have less clothing to choose from, you’re forced to do laundry sooner.

There you have it. We made great progress, not only on the mountains of clothing, but in the garage too! Stay tuned for a fun timelapse of all we accomplished in an upcoming episode of Going Global!

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