How Big Are Your Dreams?

January 11, 2020 By

The bigger we dream,
the more energy we get.

Saturdays are for snoozing. Wouldn’t you agree?

They are also for laundry, meeting with friends, cleaning house, grocery shopping, and all the other little things that may get missed during the week. Weekends are often the time to play catch up on all that was consciously or unconsciously avoided during the week.

Sometimes it feels like weekends are bonus days. It’s a sense that if you stick with your healthy habits and workout routine on the weekend, you’re hardcore. If you don’t blow your diet on the weekend, then you’re really committed.

What if there was another way to approach it? What if we could really harness those “bonus days” to dream much bigger than we have in the past? To work on our dreams and let the energy of those dreams wake us up and fuel our weekends with forward momentum and progress.

What dream do you have that needs to be bigger? What big dream won’t seem to let you go? How are you progressing? How are you keeping track of your progress?

I’d love to hear what’s working for you and where you are fighting resistance. Let’s inspire each other to keep moving forward into a life so amazing we don’t even recognize our old self a year from now!

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