Hollow Out a Stone

Hollow Out a Stone

May 24, 2018 By

Hollow Out a StoneConstant dripping. Day after day. Night after night. Year after year.

The longer the same type of constant dripping happens in the same place, the deeper the impression will be.

Constant dripping hollows out a stone.

It’s not just for stones, you know. It’s for people too. You and me.

The longer we have positive, encouraging and uplifting messages spoken into our lives and hearts, the deeper those grooves will go into our psyche.

Conversely, the longer we have negative words and impressions spoken over us, whether in our family of origin, our workplace, our school environment or in “friendships, the deeper those thoughts will go and create hollows in our self-esteem, identity and belief about ourselves.

It works both ways, which means you have control over it, to some degree. Which deep grooves do you want to have in your heart? What hollows do you want made in your psyche?

Positive, of course. So how often are you speaking positive and uplifting words and messages to yourself? And how often do you speak negative, abusive, unkind words to your tender heart? Whether you speak them aloud or just think them every time you look in a mirror or get dressed or put on makeup, they are creating holes.

Time to patch up those holes with affirmations of your divine nature, who you “really” are outside of any physical expectations, limitations or societal standards put upon you.

I’m speaking to myself now too. I’ve been working for years on bolstering the positive messages I am listening to and curbing the negative. That means not watching certain movies or shows that bleed that negativity into my thinking, and being very intentional about relationships. However, I have started to notice that negative self-talk has a way of creeping back in like a thief in the night, while I am sleeping.

Sometimes it literally is at night, in my nightmares and night terrors that scare me awake. Then those negative images and thoughts stick with me through the day. It’s also during the days and seasons when I am extra tired, worn out, stretched too thin and vulnerable to attacks from within and without.

The key isn’t to get down on myself for allowing the messages to start up again. The key is to recognize and reset. Start over. Renew my commitment to speaking whatever is good, right, pure and lovely so that the only hollows I have in my heart and mind are ones that make room for love, gratitude, grace, and compassion.

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