The Healing Power of Validation & Taking Action

March 16, 2017 By

Sharing my personal story of invisible and chronic illness. Creating a documentary film. Running a kickstarter campaign.

Each of these are firsts for me. To see the response in likes, comments, shares, and personal stories that echo my own has been beyond fulfilling. Every new comment and share reminds me why we are doing what we’re doing.

When someone sends a message saying they feel validated, heard, and seen, it reminds me that the hours upon hours of time and heart invested are all worth it. Because each life, heart and soul is absolutely worth being listened to and acknowledged for their experience.

When the Time Comes

This film and this entire project are for all of us. Each and every one. Whether or not you have an invisible illness, whether you love or know someone who does, or whether you are vibrantly healthy. Invisible illness affects us all at some point in our lives. When the time comes, we need to know that our story will matter to someone that can make a difference.

From Seattle to Saskatoon

It’s been incredible to see how many countries across this beautiful planet have become involved in this campaign. From Seattle to Saskatoon, Australia to Atlanta, Boston to Doetinchem, people are stepping up and taking action to give a voice to the invisible.

Lives Will Be Changed

If you’re one of those people, we humbly thank you for your compassion and connection to this important message. If you’re still considering backing this project, please consider the lives you will impact. Lives you may never meet in person, but that are nonetheless forever changed because of the hope you helped bring to life with this film.

Right now, we are over a week into the campaign and less than a quarter of the way there. Statistics show that campaigns typically slow down in the middle and pick up steam near the end. We don’t want to wait until the end and risk missing the goal and deadline.

If this project resonates with you, would you consider sharing this message and becoming a backer? Don’t wait until time runs out. Help us reach more people, tell more stories, and validate that this message needs to be heard across the globe.

We Need You

It won’t happen without you, individuals saying yes to this message and showing their support with action. That’s where we are. We know where we hope to be. Won’t you help us get there?