Healing is Always Just One Breath Away

January 26, 2017 By

Healing Power of Breath

Healing is just one breath away.

We all need to be reminded of how simple healing can be. We can change our focus and our mindset, which will change our physiology and even biology, in a moment.

Healing is close… as close as the next deep breath you take. Inhaling all that is right and good in your world and exhaling all that is causing stress and anxiety. And then the next moment, you take another breath and remember all that is good and right and exhale all that you cannot control.

This is the message I gathered like gold from my Ayurveda practitioner today. Her words of wisdom and calm soothed my anxious mind and heart. For a brief moment, as I took a deep breath and exhaled the worry, I felt at peace.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a fighter. I refuse to give up, even when I keep getting knocked down again and again. If you’ve ever seen The Last Samurai, you’ll remember the scene… beaten again and again, and he rises again and again. It’s heartbreaking for everyone to see, and yet something within us is lifted by the courage and audacity of someone who refuses to give up. Not unlike Braveheart or Gladiator.

And so I rise. Ha. Or not. I don’t see myself as rising right now. But I can take one more breath and release all the cares that are holding me back and weighing me down.

I learned anew that healing is not about fighting. So much about illness is described as fighting, being a fighter, you win or you lose. I don’t want to win or lose, I want to heal. I want balance. I want freedom and vitality.

Acceptance and surrender to the unfolding are my prescriptions right now. Allowing more ease to enter my heart, along with joy and laughter, because those attitudes and feelings are as prescriptive as any I could take. Staying calm, breathing deep, trusting my gut, surrounding myself with support… all backed by scientific research to aid in the healing process.

So here I am, taking one more deep breath and then another. Breathe with me. Surrender with me. Heal with me.

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