Harnessing the Power of “Small” Changes Everything

January 5, 2020 By

Why is it that no one wants to focus on losing one pound or finishing one task?

Why don’t we celebrate when we finish cooking one family dinner or successfully putting our children safely into bed one more night? What if we read one page of a book on our nightstand or do a few yoga poses?

Worse yet, is that not only do we not focus on or celebrate the small accomplishments, we often discount and negate them. AM I WRONG? How did you respond the last time you crossed something off your to-do list? Were you elated and giving yourself a silent pat on the back or was the excitement short-lived as you looked at the 37 other tasks staring back at you?

If we want to Fear. Less. we must give ourselves credit for the small things.

You don’t have to throw a party, but you can if you want. I won’t stop you. Every day you take another picture for your 365 project, or choose a healthy meal instead of fast food, or sit down for five minutes to read your child a story, it matters.

Every day you complete a challenge, write your morning pages, or meditate, I’m telling you it makes all the difference in the world.

It’s the small things that make or break us, that bring us to completion or leave us always waiting, hoping and wishing the stars would align so we could get started.

If you want to see your life change and your dreams come true, harness the power of small.

Start today. Start now.

2 Comments on "Harnessing the Power of “Small” Changes Everything"

  1. KDL
    January 5, 2020

    I probably need this imprinted on my forehead (mirror image so I can read it every time I look in a mirror)...I'm always after myself for what I haven't done. Need to start being happy about what I have done. One thing at a time.

    • Tasra Dawson
      January 5, 2020

      Definitely be happy with what you have done... don't know about the forehead imprinting though. You might regret that one!

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