Going Global Family Fun Photo Booth

February 26, 2017 By

If you can’t have fun while you’re on your way, what’s the point? At least a little bit of fun.

I know I’m mostly always the serious, organized, structured one in the family, but I don’t want that to mean that I can’t let loose and enjoy myself.

I want to be remembered for my complexity and variety, not for my unilateral ability to get things done.

I want to be balanced and whole, not one-dimensional.

I’m beginning to understand that is the only way to fully heal our lives, bodies and souls.

So today, between breaks in filming a new Going Global episode, my son and I had fun with the Photobooth app.

These images are priceless. They remind us of the day, the fun we had taking them, all the outtake shots we won’t be showing you, and our love for one another.

What could you do today to bring more laughter and joy into your every day?

What areas of your life are excessive and which need more attention?

How are you making memories in the tiny sacred moments of life?

P.S. I know I normally post my weekly review today, but after an intense week of appointments last week, picking up some type of virus, and trying to recover, I just wanted a bit more time to contemplate and celebrate the little wins.

P.P.S. I just realized that this image reminds me of a collage of images I created when our son was just six months old. I called it The Many Faces of Joshua because he was so expressive. Not much has changed!