Going Global Episode 07 – Let It Go Part 2

March 1, 2017 By

The one where Tasra explains why she has such a big wardrobe.

I think it’d be fun to start naming our episodes like they did for shows like Friends. The one with the secret, the one with the hat, the one where Ross says the wrong name at the altar. You get the idea. It’s almost more fun that way!

This is the one where we talk about ideas for keeping variety in your outfits while traveling, how to fit everything in one backpack especially when you are traveling in colder weather, and why white boots are the best. Okay, the boots didn’t really get much play. I imagined Ron would add a scene from Flashdance into the film and a picture of me in my leggings and white boots from high school. You wanted to see them didn’t you? But he didn’t add them. So anticlimactic.

Anyway, I finally get a chance to explain myself… and all the tricks and secrets I’ve learned over a lifetime to build a larger-than-life wardrobe (but it took so long it had to be its own full-length deleted scene).

Tasra’s Share Closet & Pay What You Want

Most importantly, it’s where I come up with the idea to pay it forward with a Share Closet. Meaning, I’m opening my closet to you!

Take a look through the videos, through my Poshmark closet online, through our eBay and Craigslist postings.

It’s all PAY WHAT YOU WANT + shipping. So just find something or more than a few somethings you like, send me a message via Facebook or the contact form and we’ll initiate the sharing sequence!

Seriously though. These episodes are pretty funny, including the outtakes at the end with Ron flexing like Popeye and me imitating Ron doing his best Blue Steel. The bonuses keep coming, with another outtake video that shows the real interaction about sport socks and holey underwear.

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