Going Global Episode 06 – The Boys are Back in “Let It Go”

February 22, 2017 By

That’s right. I took a week off from filming to let the boys take over the show. Therefore, I am not liable or responsible for anything. Ah, the brief respite of abdicating all authority.

Seriously though, this episode is one of my favorite to watch. Lots of super speed timelapse of us gutting the garage and downsizing man-size and child-size wardrobes. The holey discussion is hilarious and absolutely true-to-life. Just watch. You’ll see what I mean!

My husband seems to think that he has invented how to downsize your clothing. Truth be told, he got it from me and I got it from KonMari and her Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. For a while, I listened to her audiobook on repeat to sleep at night. But it started keeping me awake because I wanted to get up and organize things.

We made some good initial progress but need an infusion from a professional organizer. Who is your go-to organizing and downsizing guru? Know anyone who might want to throw their hat in the ring and get featured on Going Global. Let us know!

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