Going Global Episode 04 – Serendipity (not the movie!)

February 8, 2017 By

Serendipity, not the movie, is the topic of this Going Global episode.

Do you ever have those moments when you make a new connection or are greeted with a special opportunity? On this week’s episode, we’re talking about all things serendipitous, including our houseboat adventure on Lake Union in Seattle.

Tune in for the continuing hilarity of the Dawson family and our countdown to becoming nomadic adventurers in the wide wide world.

We’ve FINALLY begun sorting, purging, processing and downsizing our stuff… so much stuff. Feels good and a bit embarrassing at the same time. How did we acquire so much? Where did it all come from? How much money was “wasted” on items that we now can’t even sell for a dime? These questions and more are what we will be exploring in future episodes… many future episodes.

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