First Kiss of Seattle Moonlight Over the City

April 8, 2017 By

The day had been long, full of adventure and fun, with friends and family. I curled on the couch, letting the heat warm my cold hands and feet. Heart full of the memories and moments, belly full of indulgent cafe mocha and carrot cake. 

Then I looked to the sky and saw the purple-pink hues beginning to streak across like ribbons. 

And I knew, in an instant, that I could not let that moment pass me by. 

If I stayed comfortable on the couch, I would miss the first kiss of Seattle moonlight over the city that holds my heart. I knew I couldn’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime view so close to my doorstep. I pulled on my hat, wrapped the scarf around my neck, slipped on my shoes, not bothering to tie the laces and grabbed my coat. Out the door I went, stepping onto the dock and racing to the car. 

I had to get there before night enveloped the sky and the ribbons of purple and pink were painted over with midnight blues and blacks. 
As I stepped out of the car and walked up the green hill, I felt my heart lift. The ribbons in the sky were still streaking above and behind the twinkling buildings in the background. I captured their colors and the choppy waters, ignoring the icy wind numbing my fingers. 

I turned to my left and saw the sailboat making its way through the stormy waters. Veering sharply to the left and to the right to keep itself afloat. And there I had my shot, to capture this undeniably glorious moment. Me alone with my camera, my thoughts and my exploding heart of gratitude. 

I had not missed this one. I was here. I was present. I would remember. 

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