Finding Home

May 20, 2018 By

HomeTraveling for eleven months and living in all sorts of different “homes” really gives you a new perspective on the concept of home. In truth, I know I haven’t even really figured out entirely what home is, or could or should be.

Home for me growing up was a mixed bag of emotions and experiences. The usual feelings you would hope to find like security, safety and acceptance, just weren’t there.

The place I found acceptance and some manner of consistency was at school. So as far as homes go, I felt much more “at home” at school. That feeling hasn’t changed in all my years of living. Learning and education, and all the places that support that, like libraries, bookstores, schools and universities feel like home to me.

Now, with all of our traveling, I am wondering how many new definitions of home I will find. How many places exist in this world that could feel like home, that I have never imagined or envisioned?

In just our short time traveling, I’ve already stumbled on more than a few. A few previously unknown places that now feel like home and I could see myself living and staying for an extended time.

It’s an interesting concept, for sure and one that I’ve had various conversations with a few different friends who are all thinking about the same ideas. I imagine I will continue to explore and iterate as we return “home” to Seattle in one weeks time.

This image was captured on the cliffs of Porthcurno in Cornwall, England. A friendly seal swam in the waters while we watched from high above, capturing images of the crashing waves on the sandy shore.