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January 4, 2017 By

For the last four years, I have worked through finding a word of the year to guide, center, ground and remind me of my vision when the way gets hazy and I feel lost (which happens every single year!).

My previous words always inspired me as I worked to define and decide what would be more fitting. However, the recurring problem I have is remembering what my word is three months later. Not so helpful to have spent the time when you don’t remind yourself. Of course, even when I forget I do find value in the process as it helps to create a path for me to move forward into the year.

This year I was committed to making sure the word was “the word” without any hesitation or questions, and I made sure to thoroughly research and define it for myself. All the synonyms and definitions that resonated are what you see on my page.

The clincher was using this page as the front page for my new custom planner I created this year. Every single day throughout 2017 I will see this word and its definitions multiple times throughout the day. It will be a constant reminder that I am craving rebirth, renewal, growth and innovation. It will stand as a litmus test for what I am doing and how I am showing up. I am thrilled!

Some of my previous words were — CREATE, DIVERGENT, SWOON, and EMERGE. Each fit me and my mindset at the time, but they were not integrated into my daily living in a way that allowed me to inhabit their meaning.

I’ll admit the first year I chose a word, I was hesitant and thought it might be a little hokey. Who needed a word? How could one word really fit and last for an entire year? Why waste time on something so trivial?

How wrong was I? As each year has passed and this practice of word hunting in December has become a ritual of sorts, I begin to look forward to the expansive process of looking at all the words and narrowing and narrowing until one reaches out and grabs me.

Have you chosen a word for your year? If so, I want to hear it! If not, there’s always time.

An online friend and inspiration to me is Susannah Conway and she has created and shared her Find Your Word strategy. Here’s how she describes it…

Find Your Word is a FREE 5-day email class to help you figure out your word for the coming year.

Here’s what you’ll get:

— Five inspiring emails over 5 days

— Gorgeous pdf printables

— A downloadable MP3 visualisation

— A private Facebook group where we can brainstorm together, share our words and get some accountability as we head into the new year

I hope you find the process inspiring and transformative. Here’s to an amazing 2017!

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