You Find Yourself Wondering – Vintage Book Found Poetry

March 13, 2017 By

Don’t you find yourself wondering? Or is it just me?

Wondering if you did enough. If you did it right. When you’ll find the answers. If answers even exist. When the pain will stop. Where the joy lives.

Today I stopped the questions and wondering and just showed up to the page. Perhaps inspired by Natalyn’s feature on making time to journal. Perhaps because the space in my Renaissance Room is finally clear enough to make another mess. Maybe just because it was time and my heart had something to say.

Regardless of the why, I was met by old friends… brushes waiting to be dipped in multicolored paint, pages waiting to reveal their wisdom, words waiting to be uncovered. It was all right there at the table, when I finally showed up and took the time to see what I could find.

I found myself wondering why it took so long.