Don’t Put Off Living

April 25, 2018 By

Don't Put Off LivingAll of us.

We put off our living.

We delay and think we have plenty of time.

We hem and haw and make excuses.

We leave the living for another day.

And then that day never comes.

Or it comes with trauma and tragedy.

Or fills our hearts with grief and leaves us empty.

Alone. Abandoned. Empty.

And then we wonder why we delayed.

Why did we put off the living.

Why did we delay the dreams.

What is this thing we do,

the delaying of the life we’re given?

Someone explain it to me.

Because I’m tired of not understanding

Why smart people don’t think this through.

Stop putting it off, whatever “it” is.

Start somewhere.

Do something.

Move one step closer.

To spending your days in the magnificence of living.

Living and breathing before death takes you instead.