Documenting our European Adventure

June 26, 2019 By

We packed everything back into our 5×5 storage unit on May 7th, sold our car, and left for the airport in a Lyft. It was saying goodbye again to the familiar and embarking on the longest adventure trip we’ve been on this far.

Our ultimate goal is 15 countries in 2019. So far, we’ve been in five: US, Canada, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and Croatia. Greece, Switzerland, and Croatia were all new countries.

Since Thanksgiving Day 2017, I’ve been recording 1 – 2 daily video snippets (or photos) in the 1SE (One Second Everyday) app. If you haven’t downloaded this app, it’s brilliant for so many reasons that I won’t get into here, but it’s worth the time and energy.

As we embark on our 8-month long adventure throughout Europe, I thought it’d be inspiring to share the highlights from our locations and experiences.

I shoot almost all of the video footage on my iPhone XS. I still have and use my Sony A6000 for images and the rare video, but since this app is on my phone, I never pull videos from the Sony to use in 1SE. My strategy to remain consistent is to reduce any friction, and trying to get the video from the SD card to my computer, then phone, then the app is just too many extra steps.

Take a look and let me know if any of these places are on your bucket list or if you’ve traveled to them! Would love to hear about your dream travel location.

Places featured:
Edmonds, WA
Minneapolis, MN
Philadelphia, PA
Athens, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Rome, Italy
Pompeii, Italy
Positano and Amalfi Coast