Defining Vibrant Health

September 1, 2015 By

One of #my20dreams is “Radiant Perfect Health” and I wanted to define it more for clarity and understanding. When I say perfect, I know that technically perfection is impossible, but for some reason that is the word I am drawn to. Perhaps it’s that I want the perfect health for me at each stage in my life, whatever that might look like.

The keys I’m really striving for are vitality, vibrance, radiance and zest for living.

Do you feel those in your everyday life?

I imagine the answer is no because I don’t know that I experience life with many people who really exude radiance and vibrant health physically and mentally. I want to have a vitality and zest for life that provide me with all the energy I need to do whatever I want in my life.

Don’t you?
Every single day I take at least one action toward reaching my dream of radiant perfect health.

Friday I made my SCD legal grape juice jello and almond butter bread.

I also had the chance to enjoy a deep tissue massage which always reduces my chronic pain and makes my body very happy. Saturday I took a walk and read a new book with 200 recipes for low carb cooking. Sunday I ordered new flossers from Amazon because I just will not floss unless I have flossers and then I watched a training program on functional medicine.

I’d say I put in some significant time and energy toward my dream. How about you?

What did you do the last few days to pursue your dreams?

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