Copiers Do Not Collaborate – Antoni Gaudi

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Copiers Do Not Collaborate - Antoni Gaudi

Copiers do not collaborate. – Antoni Gaudi

Perhaps Antoni penned these words after one of his many great works were copied. Maybe it was a broken collaboration that gave him this idea. Or it could possibly have just always been a part of his ethos about creativity and collaboration.

Whatever the case, Antoni Gaudi was not a copier, he was an innovator, an original, one-of-a-kind. His fingerprints are all over Barcelona. For me, his work is what made Barcelona worth the trip.

When we visited Casa Battlo in the heart of the city, I spent at least thirty minutes in the same spot marveling at his use of glass to create an underwater look and feel. I easily spent similar amounts of time in other rooms and hallways of the house, marveling at the functionality as well as the form he invoked.

Images and ideas for my own tiny home surfaced as I explored the rooms and doors with curved walls and lines. All the way to the rooftop, there was inspiration from the sea and nature. All told, it was a breathtaking adventure outing.