What Color Are You Painting Your World?

March 28, 2017 By

This is your world, paint it any color you want.

Today I heard about an artist friend who was sent a nasty email from someone unhappy with her selling her beautiful artwork on her website. I’m not even going to get into the audacity of emailing someone to tell them you don’t like what they are doing on their personal website. If you wouldn’t go into their physical home and tell them what was wrong with their decor, the food they cooked or the fragrance they used, why would you do it in their online home?

However, the part that really blows my mind is a criticism about a predominant color she is using in her art… apparently too much of a certain color for this person’s taste. Um. Ok. I’m confused.

Let me try to break this down.

Person A: artist paints from her heart, shares said art in her digital home, and her fans and friends love it.

Person B: stranger visits artist’s home, tells her she’s using too much of a certain color and that she shouldn’t be selling her work there.

What am I missing?

In what world is this okay? Apparently Person B’s world. Someone “sitting on the sidelines” as Brene Brown would say, not in the game, not facing down foes and defeating enemies like resistance and discouragement.

Today’s tip of the day.

Be Person A.

Don’t be Person B and if you see or hear their complaints about someone else, speak up. If you are on the receiving end of their criticism, take some comfort in knowing that their world must be a very dull and lifeless one in the stands.