Together We Breathed Deep Again

March 18, 2017 By

You can’t plan moments like the one that just happened.

It was time for bed and he wanted to hang out. We snuggled in bed, breathing deep from the night. He relaxed in my arms, like he’s done since the day he was given to me. Through the labor and intensity so many years later, together we breathed deep again.

Since that day, we’ve made moments and memories for a lifetime. His sweet, gentle spirit so close to mine. His contagious bright smile giving life and a lifeline.

Then as I prepared to tuck him in bed, he asked a deep question that needed to be addressed. Some thoughts he’d been thinking and questions he’d been asking, all within his own heart and his head. Now he was ready to get a response and he shared it with me, his beloved loving mom.

So there we sat, on the edge of the bed, as we explored what was in our hearts and the beliefs in our heads. And there we grew closer, through each word that was said, and all the unsaid words left unspoken.

He and me. Me and he. That boy becoming man. His heart held so close to my own, with gentle loving hands.

Then off he went to sleep, with joy in his heart and a full cup of love. And here I stand thinking what a blessed world I have.


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