Breathe Deep

April 17, 2018 By

Breathe Deep

Breathe deep of the chill in the air as you kiss the wind of winter goodbye.

Breathe deep of the winter breeze as its grip begins to be released.

Breathe deep of the bounty hidden deep beneath the sea.

Breathe deep of the grounding found on well-trodden earthbound feet.

Breathe deep of the mysteries of life and love and living.

Breathe deep of loss and lessons on leaving bound to come to you and me.

Breathe deep and hold it in for as long as you can stand.

Bathe every cell in breathe and let it go again.

Breathe deep my friends, breathe deep.

This life is calling you.

Your breathe will guide your lessons if you listen carefully.

Captured the breathtaking blues of Cote d’Azur off the coast of Cannes on our way to Honorat Island. The short ferry let us see the Lerin Islands and experience all the hues of blue. Was definitely a moment for breathing in deep of the beauty that surrounded us.