Big Dreams in Little Coffee Cups

April 8, 2018 By

Big Dreams in Little Coffee CupsToday I followed through on a dream.

Get trained as a barista in a coffee shop.

Little did I know that dream would come to fruition in Edinburgh, Scotland. Better yet, it happened in the cutest little independently owned bakery and coffee shop perfectly named lovecrumbs.

Seriously. Does it get better than that?

I learned about fine and coarse roast, about cupping and tasting, about under- and over-extracting, and even about the Edinburgh coffee scene. I created an ideal whirlpool in my steamed milk with the tiny bubbles and my first shot was quite a good one, if I do say so myself. But I wasn’t the only one saying so, the other employees said the same thing and there was some talk of offering me a job!

Needless to say, this moment will go down in my memory as one worth savoring in every way.