Becoming an International Bestselling Author

January 17, 2020 By

How many of you would like to become a published author? How about becoming a bestseller? I know that writing a book is one of the “someday” dreams for many people. Are you one of them?

I’m currently in Los Angeles, California at an event with 30 other bestselling authors. We came together six months ago to write stories about moments in our life that ignited a significant change in our life and mindset. Through a lovely set of circumstances, I ended up being in two different books, Ignite Your Health and Wellness and Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit. 

Now, we are here, from all over the world – Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, London, Germany, Spain, and across the United States. After months of working to unearth our most heartfelt and impactful stories, going through an extensive editing process, and sharing the most valuable resources, we are ready to share the books with the world. We’ve already hit bestseller status in 8 countries in 10 different categories.

It’s currently FREE on Amazon, so you can download your copy today. You can use the links above and below or just type the title into your search box on Amazon and download. It should have a button that says “Kindle Price $0.00.” You can download and read even if you don’t have a Kindle, but apparently the download links don’t work in the Amazon app, so you have to download on a computer or desktop.

I would LOVE to hear from you after you’ve read my story. I’m on page 113 of Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit and page 197 of Ignite Your Health and Wellness.

For those who know me, you’ll know this isn’t my first book or experience with publishing. I even received some awards from my first book, so I suppose technically you could call me an international award-winning bestselling author.

That’s certainly a long title, but definitely impressive, wouldn’t you say? It’s funny because if you know me, you also know I’m not really the bragging type. So the last thing I would lead with when meeting or talking to people would be that title. But here’s what I know… titles like that can open doors. And open doors lead to opportunities and I love open doors and opportunities. An open door is what brought me here, or I guess more accurate would be an open door and my willingness to walk through it is what brought me here.

What open doors are you looking at in your life? What open doors have you been avoiding because of fear or doubt? Perhaps you don’t even recognize them as open doors because of fear. If you weren’t afraid, what doors would you knock on to see if they would open for you? What dreams are waiting behind those doors? Have you even let yourself imagine all the infinite possibilities that are just beyond your vision?

A year ago, I never would have thought I’d be here in Los Angeles physically or that I’d be writing stories for a book that is an international bestseller. I didn’t plan it or even prepare for it. It was not even in my peripheral vision. But I walked through one open door – nomad life – into another open door – Mindvalley University – into another open door – Ignite Book Series – and here I am.

Now I am always keeping my eyes open for doors, open and closed. Are you?

5 Comments on "Becoming an International Bestselling Author"

  1. Lesley Jean Ellis
    January 18, 2020

    Really pleased for you and proud of all you’ve accomplished. You’ve been through a lot and are an inspiration to us all 🙏🏻💕💖

    • Karyn
      January 22, 2020

      Brava! The world deserves to hear your voice!

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