Be Silently Drawn

April 28, 2018 By

Be Silently Drawn

I am drawn to coffee shops

with strangers sitting nearby

talking, thinking,

laughing, reading

I watch them silently.

I am drawn to libraries

with books on every shelf

letters, words,

images, imagination

I explore them endlessly.

I am drawn to distant lands

the foreign terrain speaks to me

oceans, seas,

mountains, trees

I breathe them in endlessly.

I am drawn to being free

with health and wholeness balancing

granola, yoga,

minimalist, retreats

I feel them healing me.

This image was captured in Brew Lab coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s very near the University of Edinburgh and bustling with life and college students. I wonder if they are letting themselves be drawn by the strange pull of what they love… or if they are being drawn outside themselves to places they’d rather not go.

Oh how I’d have valued these words of wisdom in my college years. To know that my love for books and dance and art were not things to dismiss. To realize that the things I felt calling deeply to me were in fact the only voices I should have been heeding.

Now I am here, finding my self and my way in the dark, restoring the soul that got lost in the shuffle. Thankful that she patiently waited, while I found myself nearly drown in the struggle.