Artists Way Book Notes by Julia Cameron

Artist’s Way with Julia Cameron: Week One Basic Principles

January 19, 2017 By

Artists Way Book Notes by Julia Cameron

Week one of The Artist’s Way initiates creative recovery for the blocked, stuck, resistant artist. It is setting the tone of safety, connection and communication with your young artist within and installing new habits of morning pages and weekly artist dates.

Inspiring quotes are sprinkled throughout and Julia Cameron’s writing is full of quotables in nearly every paragraph. I find myself underlining, highlighting and circling like it’s a college textbook. If you haven’t read through or worked through this book, it’s amazing. You can easily find a copy at any library or used book store.

Want the highlights from week one? Check out the principles and tasks below.


We are, ourselves, creations. 

Creativity is God’s gift to us.

The refusal to be creative is counter to our true nature.

Artists Way Book Notes by Julia Cameron


The first task I attempted was time travel… writing down old enemies of my creativity. Voices of resistance and what keeps me from creating.

Here were my top voices of resistance:

  1. No one likes your art or you!
  2. You are NOT talented.
  3. You’re wasting time, money, energy and space.
  4. Others are better than you.
  5. You are selfish.
  6. You’re lazy.


If you could lead five other lives, what would they be? Don’t overthink. I came up with 8 alternate lives I’d love to lead!

  1. Professional ballerina
  2. Prolific published author
  3. National Geographic photographer
  4. Global journalist
  5. French Bohemian artist and musician
  6. Nun or monk
  7. Scuba diver
  8. Lawyer

I’m working with a small group to work through the 12 lessons. This week was lesson 2, but I just started it so will report on it when complete! Have you done the activities? Would love to hear about your experience!

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