Now is the Time to Find Your Horizon

January 28, 2017 By

South Lake Union Kayak City Skyline

What are you doing? 

Why are you still sitting there thinking about your dreams, rather than pursuing them? 

When will you realize that your time is short and when it’s over, it’s too late?

For the love of all that is beautiful and right in the world, go now.

For your own health and sanity, take one tiny action right this very moment. 

For our broken and battered world in turmoil, you must stand up and speak out… 

For all that you dream and desire to do and be in this one life you’ve been given. 

Now is the only time. 

Today is the only day. 

Stop waiting to be unafraid. 

Stop wishing to be discovered.

Stop hoping for magical fairy dust. 

It’s not happening.

No one else is coming.

It’s down to you … and me … and all that we have within and between us.

Make a move.

Don’t delay. 

Find the horizon and run, row, paddle, swim, skip, crawl or walk toward it with every ounce of breath within your body. 

What else do you think you were given breath to do?

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