After the Fire

February 1, 2019 By

After the Fire 1

My friends.
My beloved friends.

I do not know what is going on, but I do know that there is fire raging in too many people’s lives to count. It’s unreal how many friends I have connected with who are in the midst of this soul-crushing, earth-shaking, identity-shattering season of their life. Fire is burning away the old and sometimes what we thought was sacred and precious.

On top of that, I saw some “news” about there being a possible sonic attack at a US embassy. Seriously?

This is our world?

No. I refuse to live in that world. I will choose the natural world of the green nation. Not out of ignorance or inaction, not out of fear or stress, but because at any moment we can choose what we focus on. It’s not about ignoring the reality or taking care of what needs to happen, it’s about focusing and continuing to focus on what brings life, energy and beauty into my mind and heart.

Then, when the fire finishes its raging and burns itself out, as it always does, then the earth will be replenished. And we will be there, ready and able to do the replenishing because we did not allow ourselves to be taken out by the flames.

This image was captured in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Gorgeous city with so much history and beauty at every turn.