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Accepting Limitations and Listening to Your Body

March 8, 2017 By

greenlake park, seattle

Life with an invisible illness changes everything.

I know this. I live it every day. And yet, on some level, I have not fully accepted the limitations that it presents. I have not surrendered to the messages of my body when it is tired or hungry. I push. I keep going. I press into the pain. That’s what I was taught early on and that’s the message I see and get from so many levels of culture and society. It’s hard to fight the feeling that I am not doing enough.

And yet, I know I have learned it on some level. I do stop at times. I recognize the signs and eventually listen. I’m listening sooner and responding earlier than I would have in the past.

It’s become very clear to me the last few days as we had the last push before launching our Kickstarter campaign for the Invisible Illness documentary film. Anyone who has ever done one knows the crazy amount of time and energy it takes to get something like that worked out and launched. Some say it’s a full time job. I wouldn’t disagree with that.

The payoff is incredible. The response to the work is inspiring. Messages of support, encouragement and requests for a listening ear have come pouring in. They make all the work worth the effort.

And still, I need to listen to my body. To honor the lessons I’ve learned from my own film project… the body speaks for a reason. It’s our job to listen.

What’s your body telling you now? Are you hungry, angry, tired, thirsty, lonely? Listen. Meet the need. Then continue your heart work in this world. That’s what I’m going to do. Won’t you join me?

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