Acceptance, Forgiveness and Open Doors

May 3, 2018 By

Acceptance, Forgiveness and Open Doors


I think I know more about what it doesn’t mean that really understanding what it does mean.

Acceptance is not acquiescence.

Acceptance is not approval.

Acceptance is not forgetting.

Acceptance is not pretending it didn’t happen.

Acceptance does not mean you will not grieve.

Perhaps acceptance is simply allowing. yielding, surrendering to what is.

I know how many times I’ve heard or read something similar and just didn’t understand. Because I didn’t understand, I didn’t like what I was hearing or reading, nor did I believe it.

I’ve come to see that it was less about how someone defined acceptance and more about what I “thought” they were saying.

Not sure this even makes sense to anyone but me. I’m okay with that, because in this journey if I can learn more acceptance, yielding, surrender and allowing, I know that there will be less suffering. And less suffering is always a very good thing.