Are you ready to rediscover the lost pieces of your self? Or perhaps you’re ready for reinvention?

I imagine you’re a sensitive soul, a lifelong learner, and a list maker who craves a quiet moment to hear yourself think and remember what in the world you are doing. You want to feel challenged, creative, and free to unleash and expand your sense of adventure and zest for life.

Am I right? Is that you?

The Moment Everything Changed

It happened October 8, 2011. I was walking in a crosswalk when a car ran into me. That moment, changed everything. Over the next year my life spiraled down to the depths where I questioned my existence, my worth and who I was. I didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror and woke up feeling defeated every. single. day. I lost my creativity, my imagination, my passion, my purpose.

Every day I wake to fight another battle for my health and deal with injuries and chronic pain. But I have learned that embracing my unique mix of personality, gifts, and values allows me to envision a new future of inspiration and possibilities. 


My heartfelt mission is to create inspiration for you to reinvent yourself so you can experience all the limitless possibilities of your life.

My intent and purpose is to inspire and equip you to fulfill your dreams, live with passion, engage your creativity and wake up to the world around you.

I have always been a teacher at heart: from teaching stuffed animals in my bedroom as a girl; to my years as an inner city junior high school teacher. My lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding is what wakes me up every morning (and keeps me up every night!). Nothing brings me more fulfillment than helping people become more self-aware, better informed and equipped to design the life they were created to live.

I want to help you slow life down and notice the details that we all miss in the busy-ness. Don’t give up hobbies and aspirations like art and photography. Instead let those desires push you to explore the world around you in a way you never would, to challenge and free you to grow.

My hope is that you will find freedom and be reminded that you are designed to be creative, not just in art, but through doing something that matters to you, your family and generations to come.

Are you ready to infuse your life with inspiration?

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Official Bio

Mystère is an award-winning author who has reached billions of viewers internationally via appearances on NBC, ABC, Deeper Living, and Harvest TV. She is a values-driven entrepreneur who hosted a weekly online show that generated over 600,000 views, authored/co-authored five books, trained corporate executives at Apple, and launched Dare Dreamer Press, all within less than five years.

She founded Teen Identity Portraits & Magazine, a multimedia company that uses photography, video, writing and training to raise the confidence and unleash the true beauty in every teen girl.

Animoto (featured in Wired, CNN, ABC, NBC) Partnership with Teen Identity
Professional Photographer Magazine Features Teen Identity Portraits & Mag
Professional Photographer Magazine Feature

TWIP (This Week In Photography) Podcast Feature
F-Stop Beyond Photography Featured Interview

Featured Images at Hope Awakened Art Exhibition at Watson Gallery
Featured Images at Will Jax COLOR Gallery
Emerging Photographer of the Year Finalist
Photography Awards: Snap Suwanee, Senior Portrait Artists Model Competition, POSH 2010 Inspiration Competition, Ronzoni Smart Taste Competition

Senior Portrait Artists, Palm Springs 2011, Coronado 2010
Michigan Triangle Photographers Association, Lansing
POSH Female Filmmakers Cruise, Bahamas
Wedding and Portrait Photographers Intl, Las Vegas
Skip’s Summer School for Photographers, Las Vegas
Pictage User Group, Wisconsin

Books: Real Women Scrap, REFOCUS
Magazines: ENCOUNTER, Discipleship Journal, EventDV, Memory Makers, Somerset Studios, Craftrends, Scrap & Stamp Arts, Professional Photographer, Legacy
Top 100 WordPress Article: Stepping Into the Frame
Featured Photographer on Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography School
Featured Writer on 5 Minutes for Mom for Photography and Scrapbooking
Feature Article: Don’t Stop Believing and Transform Your Vision
KEH Camera Blog Feature Story: Photographing Teen Girls