A Prison to Her

June 4, 2018 By

A Prison to HerIt is not only possible, but extremely likely and all too common for the very place that seems a castle, to become a prison. Today and in years gone by, it continues through generations.

After visiting so many castles on our European adventure, I saw firsthand what a lavish lifestyle those who lived in the castles were able to experience. I also heard the stories of what life was like for the women who lived in those castles. While it may have been lavish and lush and certainly much more leisurely than that of women outside the castle or serving in the castle, it was often a prison they could not escape.

Stories of Queen Mary of Scots being the victim of not one, but two abusive husbands, leads me to believe that no one is beyond the reach of violence and imprisonment, whether that home is a cave dwelling or a castle on a hill.

As such, we must find ways to expand ourselves into the freedom that is rightly ours, as souls living out our time on this planet. We must, for ourselves, our children, and all future generations, continue to seek and find the freedom that our hearts and minds crave. It is not right to be imprisoned in any way, shape or form. Let it begin with me, in my own mind and thinking, and expand from there.