7 Author Quotes That Will Slay and Inspire You

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Sue Monk Kidd
The truth may set you free, but first is will shatter the safe, sweet way you live.

In the shattering, you will find the pieces that belong with you and the ones that do not. Leave those shattered pieces on the ground. Walk past them with remembrance, but without regret. You are whole with everything that is left.

Alice Walker
You think you can avoid pain, but actually you can’t. If you do, you just get sicker, or you feel more pain. But if you can speak it, if you can write it, if you can paint it, it is very healing.

I learn and re-learn this lesson over and over each day and each night, when I wake in pain and go to sleep in pain. It cannot be avoided. The physical pain, the emotional toll it takes and the way it ravages the mind and body. But there is deep and sweet truth in the reality and redemption of creativity, with its healing and restoring energy. Healing at a cellular level, at an emotional level, at a level of wounding you may not even have known you had. So write, paint, speak, create. It is the way forward.

Anne Wilson Schaef
To be born female in this culture means that you are born tainted. That there is something intrinsically wrong with you that you can never change, that your birthright is one of innate inferiority.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with me. I am not tainted. I am not inferior. Repeat it over and over like a mantra. Now, more than ever, the female voice needs to be expressed and heard, not silenced and repressed. Do not believe the lies that have been spoken over you from birth. Fight them with every ounce of your energy, your mind, your body, your very soul.

Ursula K. Le Guin
I am a slow unlearner. But I love my unteachers.

I am a fast learner, but a slow unlearner just as Ursula claims to be. I must confess, though, that I am not so sure I love my unteachers. The hard lessons that come to me in the places where I am most deeply scarred. Those places I want to hide and pretend do not exist. Those places, the teachers dive right in, and the unlearning seems to go on forever.

Tony Morrison
When she realized what her situation in the world was… she threw away every assumption she had learned and began at zero.

Zero. Empty. Nothing. Too often I feel that is where everything begins and ends. It is our birth and our death, and now the continual rebirth, transformation and renewal are inhabiting the seasons again and again. A continual process of dying and restarting. Liberated and enslaved.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes
When a woman is cut away from her basic source, she is sanitized.

Where have you been sanitized? White-washed yourself to fit into a world that couldn’t see the value and brilliance of a diverse array of colors, sizes, shapes and styles. You have not lost it, you’ve just forgotten how to shine. Now is the time. Now, not later is when we need your color to brighten and embolden. Show us how to shine. Teach us how to dance. Help us get our hands messy. To dig in the dirt and slap mud on our thighs, climb trees with our roughshod feet and make our world with our berry-stained hands.

Maxine Kumin
When Sleeping Beauty wakes up, she is almost fifty years old.

Don’t wait until then. We’re whispering in your ear today. It’s time to wake up, dear sleeping beautiful one. Dear brilliant love languishing in your safe cocoon. We’re here. We’re waiting. Join the dance. Start living again. Breathe air into those sleeping lungs. Grab life with those droopy hands. There is no time to waste. The revolution is at hand.

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