2020 Weekly Review 02

January 12, 2020 By

What type of person are you?

Person A: Weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday

Person B: Weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday

Me? I’m a start on Monday type of person. I think it most definitely is related to all things education-related. The school week starts on Monday. Sunday marks the end of the week, and the last time you have to make up any work from the previous week. Sunday is also the day when I reflect on the previous week and make plans for the new one.

In light of that, I am starting my weekly review practice again. It’s a practice I’ve done off and on throughout the years. One of the most valuable aspects is that it “forces” me to sit down and articulate what happened and what progress was made.

Technically, this is Week 2 of the new year, even though Week 1 was only a partial week. It’s fun to see the current stats compiled in an infograph, because it’s an interesting visual way to represent each week. It’s very likely I’ll change up the design and style multiple times, but this works for now.

Words Written: 35,950
The word count for 2020 so far and the average daily words has me well on my way to reaching a million words this year. I’m not even including all the words I write because my bullet journal pages are analog. It feels fantastic to be back in the writing zone and using my yearly tracker.

Books Read: 03
Two audiobooks: The Artist’s Way and Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It.

I’ve listened to The Artist’s Way many many times. I often listen on long road trips, airplanes or as I fall asleep. The inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward with my creativity is incredibly helpful.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It has been transformative. My doctor recommended it and I got the audiobook the same day. I listened to the entire thing that first night. It’s about 4 hours and I listened while cleaning house, painting and before I fell asleep. It’s a must-listen or read book.

Kindle book: The Modern Enneagram

Last year was the first year I fully understood and embraced my Enneagram. This book gives a fantastic overview of the 9 different types, as well as a description of a healthy, average and unhealthy representation of the type. Have you discovered your Enneagram? Would love to know what it is!

Healthy Habits: Taking supplements regularly has been a challenge. After 7 months of international travel last year, I still haven’t found my stride again in being consistent. When I do remember, I am hydrating with water, taking vitamin D, and L-Theanine.