17 Easy Habits to Start Today

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Easy. That’s the key word here. Well, maybe today is a key word too. And I suppose start is pretty important too. Right?

Do you see how they all build on one another? You can’t just read about 17 easy habits and actually think it’ll make a difference in your life. You also can’t just be told to start today without knowing what to start or how to start. It’s cumulative. It’s connected. Not just for the starting and for the writing of it all down, but for the way habits work by building on one another step by step and day by day.

Have you guessed what one of my daily habits for 2017 is yet?

I’ll give you a minute. What have you seen from me that’s been showing up in your view on a more regular basis? What output have you seen coming from my general direction?

Got it? You’re reading it! It’s the daily writing in my online home here.

Every. Single. Day.

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What is Historically True

Here’s what I know and what I’ve found to be true historically for me. I suck at monthly and weekly commitments. I thrive in daily commitments. Whether it something big or small, daily is the ticket for me.

Any time someone says to do something three times a week or bi-weekly, nothing in me lights up. That’s a clue. A sign to pay close attention to. One I would’ve ignore before. Anything less than daily and I don’t feel challenged. I also know I’ll forget which day it is and what I’m supposed to do on that day. Not sure if it’s a personality thing or after effects of the TBI from 2011, but either way, it’s the current reality and that’s all I have to work with, so I’m working with it.

So here I’m going to show up every day. I’m also going to create a buffer for those days when I can’t show up.

Semantics Are Just as Important as Commitments

This is where semantics plays an important role. I’m not committed to sharing here every day. I’m committed to having my writing or art or videos posted here every day. That means when I had to have a biopsy that I was terrified about, I wrote the day before and scheduled it so that if things went south, I’d be able to fulfill the commitment.

It’s pre-planning for the obstacles and setbacks and having a contingency plan or plan b or both. That’s how I’ve made it work, especially for my last NaNoWriMo novel challenge writing 51000 + words in one month. I had contingencies and backups and backups for the contingencies. It was critical to my success. And here’s what I know from the stats that were shared… only a small percentage of people who participated in the challenge actually completed it.

That’s not a slight or criticism of any kind against those who didn’t complete because I applaud them sincerely and enthusiastically for even getting in the game, signing up for the challenge and writing more than they had before. That matters and when they get the right game plan, they’ll get it done.

Want to be one of the finishers, not just for a project like writing the novel hidden inside you, but for all the other commitments, ideas and inklings you have? Start with the smallest, easiest habit. Here’s my list of 17 easy habits you could start today… right now!

17 Habits to Start Today for Better Health, Increased Energy, Enhanced Productivity, and Startling Creativity

  1. Drink warm water first thing every morning.
  2. Add lemon or lime to your warm water every morning.
  3. Tongue scrape before you brush your teeth and drink your water every morning.
  4. Do one yoga pose before you get out of bed. Child pose is fantastic. Curl up in a ball with your knees on bed and your head by your knees.
  5. Do one more yoga pose after your child pose, the cat. Go from your curled up ball to all fours, like a cat and round your back up for a delicious stretch.
  6. Write daily. Start with 50 words. Every word counts so even dictation or an audio note. 50 too much? Do 10. Make them a FB or instagram comment if that helps you get past the blank page.
  7. Write morning pages for one day. Start with 250 words. Don’t limit yourself to writing them in the morning.
  8. Drink an extra glass of water every afternoon at 4 pm.
  9. Send a gratitude message to someone you appreciate. One sentence. Via email or social media.
  10. Send a handwritten gratitude note. Start with a postcard or old Christmas card.
  11. Say hello to your home when you enter the front door. Thank it for being there for your safety and security and comfort.
  12. Say goodbye to your home when you leave.
  13. Draw one icon. Start with a house or a circle with two dots for eyes. Draw it anywhere with any writing tool.
  14. Share one image on instagram or social media. Don’t worry about editing, adding quotes, watermark, just share.
  15. Add your one image that you shared on social media to your blog. Don’t feel obligated to add words or notes or anything. Just upload and post.
  16. Write a blog post that lists the small habits you did for that day or that you wanted to do for that day. Post.
  17. Walk for 5 minutes around your home. I calculated steps with my FitBit and the average is about 100 steps a minute. You can get 500 steps in just five minutes.
  18. BONUS: Walk for 5 minutes around your home and pick up 3 items that are out of place. 500 steps and a cleaner home. What’s not to like about that one?

I could keep going and perhaps I will in another post, but for now, pick one of the above that jumped out to you. Maybe you’ve been saying you need to do it. Maybe you’ve been putting it on your goal chart, but keep ignoring it. Today is the day you do it. Even if it’s just once. That’s okay. It’s a start and starting feels really good.

My latest insight that came to me the other day after I finished assembling the prototype of my new flexible planner was this:

Done feels good.

Perfect feels better.

Unfinished feels horrible.

If you must choose, choose done.

Good is better than horrible.

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