100 Days to My New Life – A Photo Series for #the100dayproject

April 4, 2017 By

Trondheim, Norway. You stole my heart. You made me feel at home in a way I have never felt in all my life. You sparked in me a wanderlust to see the world that has taken me in a new direction. You have inspired me to become a global nomad and never cease my wandering. For that I will be ever grateful.

Thus marks Day One of #100daystomynewlife for #the100dayproject. By the time this project ends, my journey as a nomad will have begun.

Last year, I began my 100 day project while on the road in Europe. I created #100daysofeuropehandnotes to share my journey with friends far and wide.

I found myself deeply engaged in the process of finding quotes and sayings that fit with the locations I was visiting. I am searching for that deep connection in the next 100 days of my life as I prepare to become a global nomad.

It is both a scary and exciting time, full of questions and unknowns, but by the end of the project, it will be my new reality… my new life.

I’m intrigued to see how it all unfolds in reality and in my images. Most of the focus on my images will be on the new life I am moving toward, rather than on what I am leaving behind. I know that as the days grow shorter and the time gets condensed, I will need the reminder of why and where to keep me from questioning this massive life decision.

Here we go!

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